Agnes Jasper, Cultural Anthropologist, Subcultures Researcher, Amsterdam, Netherlands


01-06-2006 until 01-6-2008:

Agnes Jasper and Chris Relleke recently started working on their project "Dark Fantasies and Aesthetics". The idea bring forth a book/documentary that contains essays on fantasy-culture, gothic-culture, poetry, goth music, that discusses decadence, role-play, love for the uncanny, the spectacular, the performative, the arcane and so on. The book is supposed to honour the lifestyle of the hidden few, who seem to shine a colourful and enchanting light through the grey fog of our highly technologized and commercialzed society.

They are currently in the process of inviting performers, artists, musicians, goths, fantasy folks and so on to send in short stories, poetry, self-made objects and art to be photographed and filmed.


Graduation: Agnes Jasper recieves her Masters of Science-title from the University of Amsterdam, and is now officially a Cultural Antropologist!

'Goths and (Neo-)Celts; What do They Have in Common?' for the opening of the Exhibition 'Het Geheim van de Kelten', Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden.


'The Gothic Milieu and its Black Sun: Dark Aesthetics, Sensuous Scholarship, and a Cultural Critique' for the workshop 'Strange Convergences; Performance and Performativity in Fantasy Game Cultures, Pagan Spirituality and the Gothic Subculture' Meertens Institute and University of Utrecht.

Multi-media lecture on gothic culture: 'Gothic Subcultuur in Nederland' at the Archeon Historical Themepark, during Midwinter Fair, in Alphen a/d Rijn.

9, 10, 11-11-2005
Lecture about modern decadence and gothic subculture: 'Gothic Subculture: Modern Decadence in the Netherlands?' at the international conference Nostalgia or Perversion, in Soeterbeeck, Radboud University.

17-12-2004 until 11-09-2005
Exhibition 'Het Kwaad, All About Evil' KIT Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
-Article for the catalogue 'Het Kwaad' on gothic subculture.
-I composed and selected the objects and photographs on display in the Gothic Subculture section of the exhibition and helped with the selection of 'Evil Music'
-Booking of most performances and acts during the opening-festivities
-Lecture on gothic subculture

Lecture for 'Het Kwaad, All About Evil' at the KIT Tropenmuseum
De Gotische Subcultuur in Nederland: A Duistere Beweging, of een Spiegel van deze Tijd?

Lecture for the Symposium 'Authenticity' at the Meertens Institute:
'I am not a Goth!' The Unspoken Morale of Authenticity within the Dutch Gothic Subculture

Lecture for Symposium at the Meertens Institute:
Subculture against Commerce: Vampires as Dark Consumers and the Marketing of Eternal Youth

01-03-2004 until 31-08-2004:
Fieldwork research Gothic Subculture, Dr. Martin Ramstedt, Meertens Institute Amsterdam